Book of Obadiah Bible Quiz

Containing over 20 Bible study questions and answers, this book encompasses the entire Book of Obadiah, in question and Scripture answer format, all in chronological order.

The bad blood between Edom and Israel, beginning with brothers Jacob and Esau, has evolved and increased over the centuries erupting in epic betrayals, underhanded deceptions, and outright sellouts. Pride, ignorance, and injustice all play a role in Edom’s ultimate destruction and demise leaving Israel with the last laugh.

Believed to have been written by the minor prophet Obadiah, considered to be a minor prophet due to the shortness of his book, sometime after the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C., this book delivers a precise and unapologetic prophecy against Edom, a message of hope and deliverance for Israel, and a prophecy concerning the forthcoming Day of the LORD.

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