Acts of the Apostles Bible Quiz

Containing over 1,000 Bible study questions and answers, this book encompasses the entire Acts of the Apostles, in question and Scripture answer format, all in chronological order.

This lively book profiles Satanically influenced followers of Christ; magic and wizardry; supernatural transportation; a large scale book burning; witches, sorcery and magical arts; supernatural powers and occurrences; miraculous signs, wonders, and healing; angelic deliverance and assassination; heavenly visions; idol worship; Jewish exorcism; demon-possessed rape; and murder, bribery, and corruption at various levels of government and church.

Believed to have been written by the Gentile believer and physician Luke around A.D. 63 and 70, this book delivers a carefully documented first hand account of the delivery of the Holy Spirit to believers, the harsh realities of life in the early Christian Church, as well as various conflicts many still experience in modern day church.

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